What Most of Us Believe…

You’ve probably noticed by now that there’s a Presidential campaign in full swing and that come November, we’ll either send Barack Obama back for a second term or give Mitt Romney his first one.  The experts think it will be a close one.  The experts think that most people have already made up their minds and that the undecided “middle” is shrinking by the day.  While that analysis may or may not be true, there are some truisms that both candidates ought to openly respect as they move toward the November finish line.  My guess is that the candidate who does this better than his opponent will be inaugurated next January,

  • Most of us believe in the virtue of hard work.
  • Most of us believe that teaching a man to fish is better than giving him a fish.
  • Most of us believe that our actions have consequences that match our actions.
  • Most of us believe that our children deserve a better world than the one we’re currently living in.
  • Most of us believe that with all of its flaws and failures,  the USA is still mankind’s best hope for freedom.

Those aren’t necessarily Democratic or Republican beliefs.  They are widely held beliefs.  For many of us they look and feel like common sense.  We don’t think that they need much explanation.  And we really get annoyed when politicians pander to these beliefs but fail to live up to them.  Yes, our two parties have competing political “philosophies”.  That’s the nature of the system.  That said, there still needs to be some glue that holds the whole thing together–I offer these widely held beliefs, which transcend political affiliations, as that adhesive.

We’re never going to have another Civil War.  Yet we are supposedly a nation divided.  Ordinary hard working citizens are being asked to choose sides.  Meanwhile, the average person’s quest for the American dream continues unabated.  We’re not ignorant people waiting for someone to tell us what to do or what to believe.  Most Americans of all colors, creeds, education levels, etc. have an amazing ability to think for themselves and reach their own conclusions.  This is not a country of either blue sheep or red sheep.  Typically, individuals have different positions on different issues that tend to blur any party affiliation.  I think that the filter that makes that happen is the beliefs listed in this blog.  Those are the “smell tests” that we tend to apply to any proposed program or legislation.  We really are smarter than many of our elected officials think we are.

So to any politician that may ever read this, take heed.  What most of us believe should matter to you more than what you may believe about us!